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Just Like Jesus
by Max Lucado
In recounting the biblical stories of Jesus' life and deeds, Lucado explains how Jesus' acts of compassion, forgiveness, honesty, and faith can be reflected in anyone's everyday life. Lucado's concrete analogy of "just like Jesus" helps many readers grasp the fundamentals of Christianity in a new and inspiring way.

What's So Amazing About Grace?
by Philip Yancey
The grace of which Philip Yancey writes is the freely given and unmerited favor and love of God. This grace seems a remote, almost sentimental concept, without a place in our lives or our society. It is a vague, slippery thing to us, probably because we seem to experience grace so rarely and have managed to leech the word of meaning. But Philip Yancey has set about to rescue grace in his book What's So Amazing About Grace?

The Lady, Her Lover, and Her Lord
by T. D. Jakes
T.D. Jakes's insights and expressions are balm for every woman's soul. As he explains so compassionately, we have lost sight of "the lady," and it is a loss that continues to buffet women and misdirect men. Jakes eschews condemnation and exposes the lies that have cloaked women in sorrow, helping women to stand in the beauty, strength, and confidence God intended.

Y2K : The Millennium Bug
by Shaunti Christine Feldhahn
Reader comments include: "An especially good book for introducing the Y2k situation to others..." and "If you're concerned about Y2K, this book is a "must read". If you're a Christian, this book is a "must read". If you're neither, this book is really for you! Shaunti Feldhahn skillfully blends fiction and documented prose..."

I Kissed Dating Goodbye
by Joshua Harris
Offering a new approach to dating relationships, calling young adults away from playing the dating game and revealing how they can live a lifestyle of sincere love, true purity, and purposeful singleness, this book will inspire teens and young adults to remap their romantic lives in the light of God's Word. It includes healthy challenges to today's cultural assumptions about relationships and provides solid, biblical alternatives to society's norm.

Power, Money & Sex : How Success Almost Ruined My Life
by Deion Sanders, Jim Nelson Black
Football and baseball star Deion Sanders tells his life story and reveals how power, money, and sex could not satisfy the void in his life. Packed with behind-the-scenes sports stories and never-before-revealed anecdotes, this book shows a side of Deion that most have never seen.

When God Weeps : Why Our Sufferings Matter to the Almighty
by Joni Eareckson Tada, Steven Estes (Contributor)
Reader comments include: "This book is the most conclusive I have read on suffering without trying to give pat answers for why we suffer" and "Read this book if you're looking for God in the midst of your pain... Read this book if you're ready for your view of God to be challenged and enlarged.

The Power of a Praying Wife
by Stormie Omartian
Today's challenges and presssures can make a fulfilling marriage seem like an impossible dream. Stormie Omartian shares how God has strengthened her own marriage since she began to pray for her husband concerning key areas of his life.

When God Whispers Your Name
by Max Lucado
No matter who you are or what you're going through, you are never far from the Father who draws you near. Through moving narrative and unforgettable stories, readers will begin to recognize God's presence in their lives.

The Weigh Down Diet
by Gwen Shamblin
A guide to weight loss through religious inspiration outlines the Weigh Down Method that enables dieters to eat whatever they want and recognize when they are full, and explains how God can help readers want less food.


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